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SproutCore…not A Flash Or Silverlight ‘killer’.

SproutCore…not A Flash Or Silverlight ‘killer’.

In other words, Adobe wants Flash to be included in the iPhone, but is not full of ... in its own programmer base, will prefer the safe havens of Flash or Silverlight. ... If SproutCore is to be a Flash killer, Apple will deliver a platform on which a.... Silverlight 2.0: killer features, no Flash killer. Web bling toneMicrosoft's Silverlight 2.0, released this month for Windows and Mac, is a tipping point. This is the.... While discussing the details of MobileMe, I mentioned SproutCore, an open ... UK's Jonny Evans provides details in SproutCore is Apple's Flash, Silverlight-killer. ... other great applications), and The Icon Factory's Twitterrific, isn't it about time.... 2.4 A full scale example of a web application using SproutCore .................. 23 ... If Flash is competing directly with Silverlight, it is not especially the case with ... [68] D. E. D , Cocoa for Windows + Flash Killer = SproutCore, 14. June 2008.. It's not even a Flex-killer per se, although in my mind it is an ... The question really isn't even Sproutcore vs. Flash vs. Silverlight, but it's so.... Microsoft Silverlight (or simply Silverlight) is a deprecated application framework for writing and running rich Internet applications, similar to Adobe Flash. ... Support of these plugins is not mutually exclusive; one system can support all three. Not all Web sites ... "Silverlight 2.0: killer features, no Flash killer". The Register.. ... like Adobe Flash or Microsoft's would-be Flash-killer Silverlight. ... SproutCore not only makes it easy to build real applications for the web.... SproutCore is Apple's Flash, Silverlight killer. Apple's JavaScript framework is designed to make Web applications that work a lot like desktop.... Adobe is still working on bringing Flash to the iPhone, but Apple may have a different plan. ... Some have even called SproutCore a Flash Killer, which may ... Flash is one technology that users have criticized Apple for not ... What isn't clear is where that leave's Adobe's Flash and Microsoft's Silverlight.. This article in turn pointed to Cocoa for Windows + Flash Killer = SproutCore from ... Apple not only wants to avoid becoming dependent upon Flash or Silverlight.... SproutCore is the JavaScript framework behind Apple's mobile ... development frameworks for Mac OS X. But, he stresses, "It is not a clone.. But it was video-on-demand that became Flash's killer feature. ... Not long after Amazon Instant Video switched to a Silverlight player, Microsoft.... SproutCore, the open source "Rich Internet Apps" framework Apple adopted and invested in to construct its online MobileMe ... HTML5 still does not do everything Flash does. ... It competes rather directly against Microsoft's Silverlight, for example. ... Killer deal: 2018 13-inch MacBook Pro on sale for $1,299.

No, Apple's nascent Gianduia platform will not kill Flash for the masses. ... web standards, with no need for a proprietary web plugin like Flash or Silverlight. ... in HTML5 is often pitted competitively against Flash, Gianduia, SproutCore and.... Apple's SproutCore, OSS Javascript-Based Web Apps. Archived Discussion ... by whoever posted them. We are not responsible for them in any way. ... Saying it's a Flash/Silverlight killer is delusional. Share. twitter facebook.... This time with [URL=]SproutCore[/URL], a JavaScript . ... Though most of the reports I've read about SproutCore are calling it a Flash killer, the SproutCore demo ... And comparing it with Microsoft's SilverLight makes even less sense; Flash at least ... Why would Flash work in IE 9 but not in IE 11?. SproutCore not only makes it easy to build real applications for the web ... Can any of you think of something that flash or silverlight can do that.... Cocoa for Windows + Flash Killer = SproutCore ... Silverlight will make huge inroads on Flash simply because (and thus by default IE) ... This framework looks interesting, but I'm not sure it will appeal to Flash current developers,.... SproutCore is Apple's Flash, Silverlight-killer - Mac software - Macworld UK ... Not only that, but it concludes that the other argument I've been making---that the.... Virtual machines not only alleviate many hardware differences from an ... so far as to consider, in Cocoa for Windows + Flash Killer = SproutCore, ... that Adobe wants users to build in Flash/Flex/AIR, Microsoft in Silverlight,...


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